Fantastic Love Gym (2015)

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  • Title: 환타스틱 러브짐 / Hwantaseutik Leobeujim;
  • Also Known As: The Fantastic Love Gym
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
  • Director: Han Woo-jin
  • Broadcast period: October 7, 2015




Noh Dong-wan looks like a 40-year-old although he’s only 23. He has a crush on Joo-ri, a childhood friend who completely loses her mind when she drinks. However, Dong-wan isn’t a man to her. Then one day, intresting things start to happen when a pretty female trainer appears at the gym where Dong-wan, Joo-ri and a yoga instructor work. Will Dong-wan be able to tell Joo-ri his feelings?



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